Naturopathic Medicine combines the best of conventional medicine and alternative medicine to offer the safest, most effective therapies without side effects.

Naturopathy recognizes all symptoms of disease as disharmony within the person as a whole.  Rather than simply treating symptoms with medication, the cause of the symptom is treated.

Chronic health conditions tend to be difficult to manage completely with medication.  Many factors can cause someone to be chronically ill, which is why taking a holistic approach can be so beneficial.  Using Naturopathic Medicine, almost any health problem can be improved or resolved.

Our Practitioners are qualified Naturopath and Massage Therapist with over twenty years experience in natural therapies. Our Practitioners are passionate about health and wellbeing and do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Our treatments are personalised to the patient, taking into account a patient’s unique constitution, blood type/body type and innate vitality. Our treatment plans and written reports incorporate strategies and techniques for healing on physical, spiritual and emotional levels, providing a holistic approach for long lasting health and wellbeing. Our Practitioners will also recommend functional pathology and clinical testing to support and verify treatment plans, providing more accurate assessment and outcomes.

We specialise in the following:

. Weight Management Programs
. Detoxification Programs
. Diabetes Management
. Women’s Health
. Anti-Ageing Programmes
. General Health & Wellbeing

. Mens Health
. Stress Issues and Management

. Musculoskeletal Pain

. Food allergy
. Colds and Flu
. EczemaDigestive Complaints
. Growing pains/ cramping
. Back and Neck Pain
. Headaches
. Post Viral Repair
. Digestive Parasites


Dry Needle Therapy 1st Consult + Session 60mins ($125 ) | Follow up 45 mins ($105 )

Thin needles are inserted into the skin release the band in muscles called trigger points, which also in turn releases endorphins & enkephalins which are natural feel good and pain killing hormones.  Ideal for pain, stiffness, migraines, arthritis, musculoskeletal problems, general stress etc.

Customised Pain and tension Relief Therapy 1st Consult + Session 90mins ($170 )| Follow up 75 mins ($150)

A multi-step treatment of which can combine either Dry needling, Acu Meridian Massage, the 3,000-year-old practice of Cupping, Therapeutic Herbal Ultrasound to remove tension and pain from any area of body. Deeply remedial and improves the flow of qi throughout the body.

Hatha Yoga & Yoga therapy 1st Consult + Session 75 mins ($100) | Follow up 60 mins ($80 )

Hatha Yoga is a gentle form of yoga, which focuses on the body-mind connection. It encourages proper alignment of the body and calms the mind through relaxation and meditation practices. Each session is tailored to your personal therapeutic and wellness goals.

Yogic Intestinal Cleanse 1st Consult + Session 90 mins ($170) | Follow up 75 mins ($125 )

Detox and cleanse the digestive system with a natural and non-invasive Laghoo Shankha Prakshalana, a detoxification method that focuses on perfecting five specific yoga postures and drinking six to eight glasses of lightly salted water.

Acu Meridian Therapy 1st Consult + Session 75 mins ($125 ) | Follow up 60 mins ($105 )     

This treatment is based on the theories of TCM that uses pressure to mobilize chi (life force energy) at specific points on body called acupoints. Treatment will be customised according to individual needs.

Pranayama/Breathing Techniques 1st Consult + Session 75 mins ($100 ) | Follow up 60 mins ($80)     

Breathing is a vital component of our life; Yogic breathing techniques help you to breathe efficiently, relieve anxiety and are also used as therapy for host of psychosomatic disorders.  They help to bring a sense of balance and awareness to your mind and body.

Sleep Meditation 1st Consult + Session 75 mins ($100) | Follow up 60 mins ($80)

A guided meditation known as “Psychic sleep” using different visualisation techniques to awaken awareness and relax the conscious mind.

Yogic Detox Programme: 30 mins Initial Detox consultation (Includes Diet discussion) ($590 AUD)

Two 60-minute tailor made Acu Meridian Therapy treatments

75-mininute detox cleansing

Two 60 mins detox yoga sessions

Two 45 mins Breathing Sessions


Yogic De-Stress Programme: 30 mins Initial Wellness consultation ( $590 AUD)

Two 60-minute breathing sessions.

Two 45-minute meditation sessions.

Two 60 mins yoga sessions.

Two Destress Acu-Meridian Therapy sessions